Sigrid Garavito and Victor Elliott

I know you are still busy with the last weeks of the World Cup. I wanted to let you know how delighted I am to have worked with you and your company for our first WC experience. Marissa Solis, my friend who recommended you was correct in her referral and so happy I leveraged her advice.  I look forward to replicating this experience during 2022 from the greatly located hotels, Category 1 seats (especially the Level 2 seats and the Hospitality upgrade) and very well coordinated logistics (air transfers and local airfare with seats together). I know I was a handful as I am a planner and this was my first WC so I am grateful for your patience in answering all of my questions and educating me on some of the phases.

Again, I look forward to planning our next WC together this time brining my boys and hope when you get back from Russia that we can talk live - as i want to make sure I consider your advice to plan and save for our next journey with your company.  We are considering also attending the Copa America next year -we want to see our Cafeteros again soon :)

Thanks again and I look forward to connecting when you get back.

Sigrid Garavito & Victor Elliott