Corporate Accounts

Corporate Accounts: Integrating incentive travel into your company's marketing plan is not just a good idea to consider, but an essential strategy used for increasing market share and improving customer service. Incentive travel provides a distinctive opportunity for your staff or customers to strive to increase sales revenue. It is also an excellent way to introduce a new product line. Whether your company is best suited to sponsor a consumer sweepstakes or an internal, regional, national, or even worldwide corporate event, we can assist. From concept to completion, Great Atlantic has the experience you need to help you boost your sales in an exciting ways.

  • Benefits of Corporate Incentive Travel: Create new customers | Increase Sales | Raise productivity | Recruit new employees | Entertain Existing Clients | Turn over Inventory | Beat your competition
  • Corporate Sports Travel: Entertain important clients | Reward Staff| Networking| Launch new products and services | Improve corporate communication | Annual Staff Party/Team Building