Women's World Cup - Things to Know Before You Go

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With a plethora of World Cup travel options available, Great Atlantic Sports Travel is here to help you with Flexible Accommodations and Transportation in France.  Experience the adventure and excitement of the 2019 Women’s World Cup™ France! 

While in France explore French sights, sports, culture, cuisine, and so much more that France has to offer. Click Here for all other information and/or questions regarding our 2019 Women’s World Cup™ options please view our FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™ France FAQ. Please also familiarize yourself with the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™ France Terms & Conditions.  As always, Great Atlantic Sports Travel is here to offer you our one of a kind Sports & Travel packages and a level of customer service that we pride ourselves on. If something is unanswered call our offices or shoot us an e-mail, we’re always here for our travelers! See you in France for FIFA’s 2019 Women’s World Cup! 

Travel Documents: The most important part of going to a World Event like the 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup is to be informed. The link below is to the Travel Document section of our website. You will find very important information concerning Flights, Accommodations, Transport, Venue Guides, Fan Zones, and additional information pertaining to France.  

Great Atlantic Sports Staff and French Staff:  Great Atlantic Sports On- Site Staff will be working with our French Translators and our onsite transfer companies in providing staffing and ground transportation services to our USA clients.  The program managers and locally based staff will keep you informed of all matters pertaining to match transfers. A tour escort will accompany you on all motor coach services.  When using smaller vehicles, the driver will also be your tour guide.

Airline E-Tickets/Itinerary/Passport/VISA:  It is most important for all World Cup clients travelling to preview your Airline schedule, itinerary, and conditions of contract.  There are many air carriers being used by clients going to France; each airline carrier have established varied policies.  To avoid disappointment, please review all of the carrier’s details. Ensure you have a copy of E-Ticket information with you when you go through Customs.  For additional important information, please verify the policies direct with your carrier and also check the Travel Documents section of our website.

Luggage/ Luggage Handling: Each passenger is limited to one (1) piece of check-in luggage and one (1) carry-on bag. Keep in mind luggage space on transfer vehicles; buses/taxi’s is not sufficient for any additional luggage. No single suitcase may exceed 62 linear inches. Baggage lost or damaged while property is in the custody of an airline, ship line, train, bus company, hotel, or Transfer Company cannot be the responsibility of Great Atlantic Sports. Baggage insurance is strongly recommended and is available from our office. Luggage handling is not provided on these tours due to the high volume of clients arriving and departing the hotel at the same time. Each person is responsible for their own luggage. If assistance is needed, all bellman can be requested. 

Accommodation vouchers: If you purchased accommodations, your confirmed accommodations are indicated on the vouchers included in your travel packet.  Please verify your dates coordinate with your travel confirmation that has been previously sent to you.   Additional information on accommodations can be found in the travel document section.

Hotel Check In: Please present your hotel voucher, personal identification and a credit card (for incidentals) at the time of check in.  Please note that it will be unlikely that rooms will be ready for early check in.  During the 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup, rooms are in short supply.   In the event that you will be late checking in, it is very important to call ahead and notify the hotel to eliminate being considered a no show by the hotel. The hotels have the right to sell the room should you be declared a no show. In the unlikely event that you encounter difficulty upon hotel check in, ask to speak to the duty manager.  All rooming list are in the name of Great Atlantic Sports Travel and your name will be indicated on the master list. If you need assistance, contact our France hotel help line provided with your travel documents. Please note this telephone line will not be active until __________2019.

Public Transportation:  Please see the Public Transportation section for specific information on Match and Airport transfers, and getting around town.  Please note the concierge desk will be able to direct you for all public transportation pick-up locations. 

Domestic Flights in France:  It is important to know that during the 2019 World Cup, flights and airports will be very demanding and overcrowded. The French Government will have very high security in and around the airports. During World Cup, regardless of the host country, there will be ground and airline delays and all flight times are subject to change.  I doubt that there would be major changes and if so we will do our best to keep everyone advised via e-mail.  Should flight schedules change substantially all transfers pertaining to the flights will be adjusted where necessary. If this should occur it is very important that you contact the customer service for the Airline involved for assistance as soon as possible.

FIFA World Cup Tickets:  If you purchased 2019 FIFA World Cup tickets thru Great Atlantic Sports, your confirmed tickets/hospitality packages are included with your travel documents. Visit the Travel Document section of our website for additional information on stadiums and other information.  Tickets are based on category and your seats are guaranteed to be within that category. This is determined by the venue and official authorities and we do not have any control over the exact positions in the Categories. We will however always do our best to get you the best possible seats of your choice. We cannot guarantee any particular level, section, rows or seat numbers.  Note that some Hospitality Packages will be shipped direct to the buyer’s address based on the booking application.

Itinerary Variation:  While every effort is made to keep the itinerary as indicated, Great Atlantic Sports reserves the right to make changes as necessary based on unforeseen circumstances.   In some cases, weather or traffic conditions can necessitate an alteration to the itinerary and this does not constitute any reason for a refund.  

Great Atlantic Sports Vouchers:  Vouchers/Tickets are provided as part of your travel documents, these vouchers are your confirmation for the services that are included in your travel package.  These vouchers will indicate all of the pertinent information that you need in order to receive services from the French vendor services.  Types of vouchers that could be used: Hotels, breakfast, or FIFA tickets.  All service vouchers and credentials must be presented prior to all services.

Lost Vouchers/Tickets: Great Atlantic Sports Travel assumes no liability for lost or stolen travel vouchers or tickets. FIFA WILL NOT REPLACE MATCH TICKETS FOR ANY REASON, PROTECT THEM.   However, our staff will assist whenever possible pertaining to lost documents. You and your Companions are responsible for obtaining and holding all of the travel documents you or your Companions need for any country you are visiting (even as a transit passenger).

Ground Conduct: If, in the opinion of the Great Atlantic Sports representative/escort, your behavior or the behavior of anyone in your party is such that it impairs the enjoyment of or upsets other clients or disrupts the transfer (USA guests), we reserve the right to terminate your travel arrangements immediately without refund.

Transfer Vehicle Seating: Seating on the transfer vehicle is on a first come, first served basis. If you require special seating, please arrive early. Single passengers will be required to share seating with other single passengers or triple passenger groups. The tour guide will sit in the front seat of the vehicle.

Transfer Vehicle Damage: Any possible damages to the transfer vehicle by individual members will have to be paid directly to the transfer vehicle company. Trash receptacles are at the front &/or the rear.

No Smoking/No Alcohol On Transfer Vehicles: Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited on all transfer vehicles.

Personal items: Great Atlantic Sports is not responsible for or liable for loss of, or damage to any personal items brought with you or purchased while traveling.

Delays: Great Atlantic Sports Travel does not hold itself responsible, nor can it be held responsible, for any delays prior to departure, or during the course of any transfers, weather brought about by technical difficulties, traffic, weather conditions or any other foreseen and/or unforeseen situations.  

Unused Services/Amendments: No refund will be considered for any unused service irrespective of whether they form part of the basic inclusive price or whether they are in respect of any pre-booked optional arrangement/tour.

Responsibility: Great Atlantic Sports Travel (GAST) acts only as an agent for its passengers in all matters pertaining to transportation, accommodations, breakfast, transport cards and other services specified. For more information refer to Great Atlantic Sports Travel’s Terms & Conditions. 

Protect Your Investment: Travel insurance is highly recommended. You can protect yourself against cancellation penalties if you cancel for a reason covered by the insurance policy you choose. Unused Tour Services: Tour services included in this package and not used are non-refundable. No refunds will be made for unused hotel accommodations, or any other services not used due to flight delays, schedule changes, or for any reason. Protect your investment do not leave home without it. All insurance policies are different. Please read all insurance policy documents very carefully to be sure you fully understand them. 

Thank you for travelling with us. Please call or e-mail our office in the event that you have questions.  

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