Women's World Cup France Rankings

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All 24 teams have now qualified for the 2019 Women's World Cup.  The draw for date and location will take place on December 8 in Paris France.

In the Women's World Ranking, teams are ranked according to a value that is a measure of their actual strength. One of the benefits of this is that a considerable amount can be learned about the ranking value (or rating points) of a team.

Teams Qualified for Women's World Cup and Current Ranking
Rankings Country Flag
1 United States USA
2 Germany Germany
3 England England
4 France France
5 Canada Canada
6 Australia Australia
7 Japan Japan
8 Brazil Brazil
9 Sweden Sweden
10 Netherlands Netherlands
12 Spain Spain
13 Norway Flag of Norway
14 Korea Republic Korea Republic
15 China PR China PR
17 Italy Italy
19 Scotland Scotland
20 New Zealand New Zealand
28 Thailand Thailand
37 Argentina Argentina
38 Nigeria Nigeria
39 Chile Chile
49 Cameroon Cameroon
50 South Africa South Africa
64 Jamaica Jamaica