Travelling to The 2021 Summer Olympic Games

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You may already have your flights and travel preparations set or you may have just now considered witnessing the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Regardless, the highly-anticipated 2021 summer games are less than a year away. While large audiences are set to attend, as the largest recurring sports tours begin its operation in Tokyo, there are still ways for international guests to enjoy their stay.

When Are The 2021 Olympics?

The first step in planning your trip, as part of our sports tour guide, is to determine the proper date in order to book proper accommodations. The 2021 summer Olympic games have their opening ceremony on July 24, marking the official start. Preliminary matches begin a few days prior and can run through the beginning of August. The Paralympics then begin and end early September. There are several different locations that will be used to host the events, located in and around Tokyo. This includes the Heritage Zone, the Bay Zone, and other locations outside of Tokyo.

Are There New Sports?

In North America alone, the sports industry brings in 69.4 billion dollars through ticket sales and merchandise. With the arrival of the 2021 Olympics comes the inclusion of five new sports to the lineup. The current number of sports in the Olympics now comes to 33. The new sports are skateboarding, sports climbing, surfing, baseball and softball, and karate. The current sports that have been included in the Olympics have been revamped, with an emphasis on gender equality.

How Can I Get Tickets?

Japan residents were granted first access to Olympic tickets, per a lottery system, which closed on May 28. A certain percentage of tickets were withheld for international visitors. In order to purchase these tickets, consumers will need to go through experts in sports tours packages and sports travel packages, as this will provide them with an optimal experience. These packages will allow you to have your travel accommodations prepared and arranged for you, eliminating hassle when it comes to international travel.

Due to the number of people living in and around Japan, as well as travelers making the trip for the Olympics, you may have significant difficulty obtaining proper accommodations on your own. A professional sports tours package can help alleviate this burden and provide you with necessary options to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable.