Travel Documents for the 2019 Women's World Cup

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You will be receiving your package with your vouchers and other documents approximately 14 days prior to your departure.  Please be sure you read all the information below to prepare your for your trip.  Make sure you know all the ins and outs of what is required and what is needed in order to enjoy your sports adventure to France for Women's World Cup 2019.  Your travel program is flexible.  This means you can take advantage of our services as specified in your reservation confirmations or forgo various services and travel at your leisure.  Whatever your plans may be, be sure you have want you need to make your trip successful.  Be sure to save this URL so that you have access to this information while in France.

Things to Know Before You Go to the Women's World Cup

Things To Know Before Your Go

Hotel Brochures for Women's World Cup

Hotel Brochures

Train Travel during the Women's World Cup

Trains in France

Women's World Cup Host Cities

Host Cities

Stadiums for Women's World Cup


2019 Women's World Cup Match Schedule

Match Schedule

Travel between Host Cities

Travel Between Host Cities

Women's World Cup FAQ's


Travel Insurance for Women's World Cup

Travel Insurance

  Stadium Information

Stadium & Hospitality Guides