Getting the Most out of the PGA 2020 Tournament

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pga masters 2020

Handling the PGA Golf Course Like a Pro

Golf ranks as the seventh most popular sport in the United States. That includes NFL games, the Kentucky Derby, and Major League Baseball. Getting a Masters 2020 package is a big deal. Sports travel is perhaps one of the most sought after vacation destinations out there. This year is no exception. With the PGA 2020 Tournament coming up in just under a year, it is time to get ready now.

PGA Masters 2020 will host a number of incredible golfers with names like Reavie, Bradley, and Sucher all competing for a massive purse of over seven MILLION dollars. The PGA Masters 2020 is set to be held in the beautiful Harding Park of San Francisco California. If you are planning to attend PGA Masters 2020 as your first PGA event, it is guaranteed to be a golf trip of a lifetime.

Golf is an incredible sport that mixes incredible mental discipline with an astute ability to master an incredible range of skill shots from long, arcing drives, to incredibly accurate puts. As a sport, golf showcases individual skill and mastery in a way almost no other sport can.

Getting the most out of the PGA Masters 2020 package is important. Here are some things to know as you prepare for next years Pro Golf Association Masters Series:

Following One Group or Roaming the Course: There are a couple of different opinions as to the best way to experience the PGA 2020 Masters series. Much of depends on why you are attending. If you are one of the orange clad Rickie Fowler fans (or a similar fan of another player), chances are you want to stick with your guy throughout the day. Following a single group throughout a course can be a bit exhausting and frankly, quite boring, unless you are a die hard fan (or family) of the golfer you are following. Additionally, following the same group around the course, you will find yourself constantly battling for the good viewing spots behind the ropes. This can also make the game feel a bit more sluggish as it takes a while for each pro to tee up and prepare for the next shot.

the other option is to roam the course. Grab a tee time sheet and be sure that you have a general understanding of the timing of a professional golf tournament. With the average PGA tournament play being between 5 and 5 1/2 hours, each hole averages about 17 minutes. Use this as a way to guess where each group will be as you roam around the golf course. Typically, you should plan to walk a few holes with a single group, and then stay at a single high-action hole for a few groups. This will allow you to see a wider variety of players showcasing their abilities on a single hole, and give you the opportunity to get the best viewing position for that hole.

Use the Grandstands: The grandstands can be a great area to sit in if you are attending the PGA 2020 Masters. Grandstands are usually set up around a signature hole and give a fantastic view of the green. Additionally, this gives you an opportunity to sit down and relax for a while. Concessions are usually offered around the back of the grandstand if you find yourself in need of food and drink.

Get A Hospitality Badge: Hospitality tents are usually stationed on the 18th hole, and if you have a badge, you will be treated to complimentary beverages and food, as well as one of the best views for the finishing hole. This is the luxury setting of the PGA. Golf tournaments love their sponsors. If you have the opportunity to be a sponsor, this can be a great way to do a little business work while you are out watching the tournament.

At the end of the day, no matter how you attend the PGA 2020 it will be a phenomenal experience. Being prepared to view the tournament has its perks though, as you won't find yourself wandering around and missing the best golfers at the best holes. Get ready for some incredible golf in 2020.