Check out Great NFL Teams in Your Favorite City with These Vacation Packages

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Of all the sports in the United States, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball are the five most popular. Of those sports, 37% of the adults watching claim that football is their favorite.

If you find yourself part of this group and feel that watching games is the highlight of your week, then some sports tours may the perfect investment for you. There are tons of great packages out there for people who want to dive into the world of football, while visiting a city they love. Check out your options today.

What City Should I Visit?

There are countless great cities around the United States that are home to some well-loved sports teams. Whether you want a Carolina Panthers package, a Washington Redskins game package, or one of the many other NFL packages available, there are many options out there for you.

Don’t have a specific team you love? If you are more of a general football lover and cannot decide which city would be best to visit, consider some of the more popular choices out there. A number of cities throughout the country are known for having both great tourist spots and for hosting sporting events and sports tours.

In a comparison of over 420 cities, WalletHub determined which were ranked highest when it came to sports. The top five, in order, are Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. If you are looking for an ideal spot to visit, one of those would definitely not disappoint.

Still need options? Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Atlanta are ranked high, as well. All in all, you cannot go wrong, and there will be fun things to do for everyone in the group, sports lovers or not

Options Other Than Football

Love football, but want to give another sport a try? No problem. When it comes to sports travel and tours, the sky is the limit. Look into basketball games, popular baseball teams, or even check out a less conventional sport like the Kentucky Derby. You could even purchase World Cup packages!

There are five cities that even have teams for all four major sports, so you could explore the world of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey all in one shot. If this sounds like the route you would like to take, look into packages for Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia right away.

Sports tours are a worthwhile purchase, and you are guaranteed a good time, no matter where you visit or when. Check out some package options today!