4 Unforgettable Sports Travel and Tour Events to Consider

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sports travel and tourWatching the game on TV can be relaxing, entertaining, and plenty of fun. If you're a fan of sports, you probably watch all the big games whenever you're free. But just because you have a nice TV and a fridge full of beer doesn't mean you should exclusively watch games on TV. Watching live sporting events is an amazing experience that you'll remember forever.

When it comes to sports travel and tours, there are so many options available for both moderate and diehard sports fans.

Here are some great sports travel and tour packages to consider:

National Football League

The NFL remains as the most popular U.S. sport. Whether you're heading to regular season, preseason, or playoff games, there are plenty of NFL packages available that will help you catch your favorite team. You can even check out all the stars in one game at the 2020 Pro Bowl, which will take place on Sunday, January 30, at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

The World Cup

There are men's and women's World Cup packages available that will provide a life-changing experience. There really is nothing like watching countries battle it out in soccer, the most popular sport in the entire world. Though the men's World Cup occurred last year, the Women's World Cup, which has taken place every four years since 1991, was held in France in 2019.

The Masters

The Masters is the most prestigious golf tournament of all time. Held at the Augusta National Golf Club each year in Augusta Georgia, the Masters is a one of a kind sporting event. It's even known as "a tradition unlike any other."


Rugby might not be as popular as golf, football, or soccer, but it is certainly as entertaining as any sporting event out there. The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be the ninth Rugby World Cup, and was held in Japan from September 20 until November 2. There are 20 nations competing and you'll be amazed at the power and athletic performance on display.

If you want to find out more about great sports travel and tour packages, contact Great Atlantic Sports Travel today and, wherever you go, enjoy the game!