3 Great Reasons To Watch Major League Baseball

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Sports are big business in the United States of America and fans of all stripes enjoy many aspects of professional sports. In the U.S., pro football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer are the largest sports with the biggest fan bases. The PGA Masters tournament, the 2020 Olympics, and the Kentucky Derby are also big sporting events, but none match the consistent fandom of the big 5.

Some may wonder about this list because Major League Baseball (MLB) is often, wrongly, considered a less than exciting sport to watch. Watching on TV is one thing, watching MLB live is another. You have not lived until you have watched an MLB game live. And if you’re not a baseball fan, you’ll likely become one.

We’re going to list 3 reasons (there are many, many more) why you should experience a MLB game live.

  1. A fun social experience. Watching professional baseball with others is a great experience. From the drive to the tailgate party to the game itself, your experience will be enhanced when you watch with others. If they are already baseball fans, you’ll have a shared baseball experience. If you are going with those who are new to baseball, you can help them see some things that they may miss on their own. If you are new to watching baseball, then you’ll catch things you may miss if you were on your own. If you go with someone and both of you are new to baseball, the newbie experience will be squared! Any way that you experience a live baseball game with others is an experience to remember.

  2. Ballpark food. You do not want to miss ballpark food. If there is an X-factor in watching a live sporting event, food is this factor. It is no different when attending a baseball game. Where else can you eat a giant pretzel while singing “Take me out to the ballpark”? For example, at Washington Nationals home games you can order Ben's half smoke "all the way" or if you go to a Texas Rangers home game, you can order fried s’mores, or maybe you’re at a Milwaukee Brewers game, you can order nachos on a stick. Whatever the food at whichever MLB ballpark, the food is a special part of the baseball experience.

  3. You get to watch baseball. There is no experience quite like watching baseball. The sun, the food, the original all-American game--what is there not to love. MLB games offer games on weekends and weekdays, daytime and nighttime. If you experience a weekday afternoon game, you’ll want to experience a weekend evening game. They each have their own unique flavor. To borrow from the great baseball movie “The Rookie,” you get to watch baseball. Enough said.

  4. Don’t miss your opportunity to watch Major League Baseball games live and in person. You’ll love it!