2019 Womens World Cup Accommodations

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Hotels in France

France is the premier destination for romantic getaways, historic sightseeing, and cultural experiences. French culture has since the Middle Ages been considered to be the height of refinement and charm. Today, France is well known the world over for its gastronomic delights, wine and perfume making, enchanting architecture, and ancient towns and cities. There are hundreds of towns and cities throughout France to choose from, each offering its own flavor of attractions and unique blend of sights and experiences, from the medieval charm of Annecy, to the colorful streets of Eguisheim. France has plenty to appeal to anyone, history lovers and shopaholics alike. Finding your ideal hotel in France can be a daunting task, especially with thousands to choose from. With Hotels.com, you can find your perfect hotel which is well suited to your budget and expectations. Hotels.com has thousands of user submitted hotel reviews, hotel photo galleries, and hotel locations provided via Google maps.

What the different Hotel Stars mean

  • 3-Star Hotels
    There is not much difference between 2 and 3-star hotels; the main one is the size of rooms. 3-star hotel rooms must have a minimum size of 13.5 sq meters including the bathroom (145 sq ft or 12 x 12 ft room) The reception area/lounge must be a minimum of 50 sq meters  (538 sq ft or 24 x 22.5 ft.) Staff must speak an additional European language (other than French) and the reception must be open at least 10 hours per day.
  • 4-Star Hotels
    These hotels represent the higher end hotels in France and are the ones to go for if you want guaranteed comfort and service. Guest rooms are more spacious: 16 sq meters including bathrooms (172 sq ft, or 12 x 14 ft). If the hotel has over 30 rooms, the reception desk must be open 24 hrs a day.
  • 5-Star Hotels
    This is the top end (apart from the super Palace Hotels).Guest rooms must be 24 sq meters (259 sq ft or 15 x 17ft). Staff must be able to speak two foreign languages including English. Five-star hotels are also required to provide room service, valet parking, a concierge and guests must be escorted to their rooms on check-in. Air conditioning is also required.

Maison NO Lyon - 4 Star - Your new boutique hotel in the center of Lyon, a signature for a unique, elegant and uncomplicated experience. In the heart of the Presqu'île, between Rhone and Saone, the old bank erected in 1881 became Maison Nô. A prestigious architecture anchored between Hôtel de Ville, Museum of Fine Arts, Opéra de Lyon reviewed by Jean Nouvel and Place des Terreaux imagined by Daniel Buren.

Collège Hôtel - 4 Star - This 4-stars school themed hotel, combining design and nostalgia with a « back to school » theme, has 40 rooms, some with balconies and terraces with breathtaking views over the city. Its singular Art-Deco facade is well known to people in Lyon as an artistic landmark in the city. It is a first glimpse of the surprising theme spreaded inside.  In this original decor, the different meeting rooms are fully equipped and give access to a very beautiful garden terrace for work breaks, which is a rare asset in Vieux Lyon.

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