Euro Cup 2020

Various Cites in Europe

Every qualified host would be guaranteed two home games in the group phase, but there would be no such guarantee for the knockout stage. A maximum of two host teams would be drawn into each of the six groups.  The host city pairings have been decided by means of a random draw – from six different lists of city pairings established on the basis of sporting strength and geographical considerations – and will be as follows:

Group A: Rome and Baku
Group B: Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen
Group C: Amsterdam and Bucharest
Group D: London and Glasgow
Group E: Bilbao and Dublin
Group F: Munich and Budapest

The group composition would remain subject to seeding and to a draw. The full match schedule including knockouts are to be confirmed though Rome will host the opening game.

Why a 'EURO for Europe'?
"There is great pleasure in being able to bring EURO 2020 to so many countries and cities, to see football acting as a bridge between nations, and to carry the competition closer to the fans, who are the essential lifeblood of the game," said UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin.

How can fans be informed about tickets?
Fans can already register a ticketing account by going to TICKET PORTAL to sign in with an existing account or create a new account. This will allow you to  specify their travel and team preferences and be the first to get the latest information about tickets for UEFA EURO 2020.

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