The Wanda Metropolitano

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The Wanda Metropolitano meets the highest standards of comfort, security and visibility. The new facility opened to the public on 16 September when Atlético faced Málaga in LaLiga. The stadium will host the UEFA Champions League Final in 2019.
On 9 December 2016, the name of the new stadium was announced. ‘Wanda’ refers to Wanda Group, one of the principal real estate, sport investments and leisure firms in the world. Wanda also owns some of the club’s shares. With ‘Metropolitano’, Atlético recovers the name of the stadium where the club played in before moving to the Vicente Calderón.

The new stadium is located in the Madrid’s northeast area, next to the M-40, Adolfo Suárez Barajas Airport and IFEMA. The new stadium’s capacity roughly holds 68,000 spectators, with 96 percent of the seats covered by the roof. The club decided to prioritize spaciousness, comfort, and safety of the fans instead of having a larger capacity. In order to have easier access to the localities and reaffirm enjoyment in the most satisfactory way possible, the club has increased the distance between the rows as well as provided adequate access for disabled or reduced mobility fans.

The location of the stands and traffic management within the stadium, guarantees maximum security for the spectators. The arrangement of the stands, gives the fans an up-close and personal experience. In all stands, except for the Lateral Oeste, those fans sitting in the first row are closer to the pitch than in the Vicente Calderón. The Lateral Oeste’s distance to the pitch is similar to the stands in the Calderón. The seats located in northeast corner the closest you can get to the pitch, just 5.89 meters away.There are 1,000 parking spots inside the stadium and 3,000 in the exterior lot. On game days, parking is only available for those fans who have a parking pass. The Wanda Metropolitano covers 88,150 square meters. In the perimeter of the stadium, there’s a Fan Zone in the Fondo Sur and another in the Fondo Norte.  The Fan Zone in the Fondo Sur, has a stage for concerts and concession stands. In the Fondo Norte, the Fan Zone is dedicated to families. The family zone and non-smoking areas (19, 000 non-smoking seats) of the stadium are located in Fondo Norte. This is something new in Spain. Facing the west façade, you’ll find the Walk of Legends, a tribute to players who have played 100 or more official matches with our club.  In the southwest area of the stadium, a red and white flag pays homage to our fans. The flag is 338 square meters, the biggest in Spain. Nearby, fans will find a block text reading ‘Coraje y Corazón’, an iconic place to take photos.  The Wanda Metropolitano is a building with unique materials. The concrete is responsible not only for the building’s bearing structure but also its final shape. A light cover lies on the concrete, which crowns the building with a great homogenizing element.

The building has two chromatic elements: the light gray concrete and the white cover; except the red gutter that surrounds it.  The Wanda Metropolitano’s roof consists of a 46,500 square meters of fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene surface, placed at a maximum level of 57 meters on the pitch. The structure is peculiar since it isn’t horizontal, but instead has different heights which give it a wave-like look, something very iconic and spectacular. The tensioned wires and Teflon membranes cover sits on the set of stands as if giving unity to the intervention from a large mantle.