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Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that the Qatar Peninsula, jutting north into the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia, was initially inhabited during the Middle East Stone Age. 

The Islamic history of this strategic land was influenced over many centuries by the British, Ottomans and Portuguese, plus a long series of nomadic Arab tribes. 

In 1777, the Persians took control of Qatar prompting many merchants and families to migrate to Zubarah, a town founded by the Bani Utbah tribe in 1732. Zubarah ultimately became an important center for trade, and thrived with the pearling in the Persian Gulf. 

A war between the Zubarah based Al-Khalifa traders and Bahrain broke out in 1782. The battle of Zubarah was a brutal one, and lasted through the early 19th century dragging Kuwait, Iran, the Omanis and the Ottomans. 

Due to a growing interest in India, and an ambition to secure a passage for the East India Company, British forces arrived in the Persian Gulf bringing with them their own imposition of order by way of the General Treaty of Peace. 

However, this didn't stop Bahraini forces from attacking the city of Doha in 1867, and in turn provoking the Qatari to counterattack. 

The growing capital city of Doha and its national aquarium and museum, historic Doha Fort, the stunning Grand Mosque and Entertainment City are all notable points of interest. Some of the finest Islamic art is in Doha in the Museum of Islamic Art.

Qatar acts as a bridge between the East and the West and is the crossroads for economic, cultural and natural heritage. The calendar is full of international events including film festivals, sporting events such as golt tournaments and speed boat racing. 

To the south is the Al Rayyan, home of the Qatar Equestrian Federation and its annual Arabian horse show and horse races; and along the coastal areas the Khor Al Udaid Beach; Sealine Beach Resort and Palm Tree Island.

General Interest:

  • Calling Code: 974 
  • Electricity: 240V, 50Hz 
  • Drive on the: Right 
  • Times to Travel: The best time to travel to Qatar is November until early April. The weather is pleasant and mild with temperatures in the 80s° F (26s° C). 
  • Qatar is extremely hot during the summer, almost unbearable. 
  • Qatar has very little rainfall throughout the year. Sandstorms are common throughout the year, especially in the spring. 

Tourism Sites: 

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Tourism Transportation: 

  • Qatar Airports 
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Passports - Travel Visas - Warnings:

  • Passports & Visas - US Citizen are required to have a valid passport and tourist visa to travel to Qatar.  Please click here for information from the US State Department.  For Citizens of other countries, contact your local government for passport and visa information.
  • Travel Advice and Warnings - please go here for current travel advisories for Qatar
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