5 Great Sports Travel Vacation Packages

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By the year 2020, the sports industry in North America is expected to be worth over $74 million. The five most popular sports in the United States are football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. Rounding out the top 10 favorites are tennis, golf, wrestling and martial arts, motor racing, and badminton.

Planning a vacation around your favorite sports event adds extra excitement to your trip, and here are 5 examples of the sports packages offered by Great Atlantic Sports Travel.

1. Washington Redskins Game Packages.

The Redskins finished the 2018 season third in the NFC East. In 2019, games also featuring the Patriots, the Dolphins, and the Bears are highly anticipated.

Great Atlantic Sports Travel has day trips, overnight motorcoach trips, and packages including hotel and tickets available for football fans wanting to watch a Redskins game in person. The NFL game schedule will be released in April so you can plan your trip accordingly.

2. Kentucky Derby Packages.

Horse racing fans will love the Kentucky Derby package that Great Atlantic Sports Travel is offering for 2019. Besides tickets to the Derby, the package also includes your hotel stay, motorcoach transfers, breakfast, an official Derby gift, and on-site travel assistance.

3. World Cup Packages.

In June 2019, Paris will be hosting the opening match of the Women's World Cup. By selecting the appropriate world cup packages from Great Atlantic Sports Travel, you'll be right there for all of the action when your team plays in the match you've been eagerly waiting to see.

4. PGA Golf Packages.

Do you dream of seeing the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA? Would you love to take in the stunning ocean scenery of Monterey, CA as you watch the US Open Golf Tournament at the Pebble Beach Golf Links? Whatever you have in mind, Great Atlantic Sports Travel can make it happen.

5. NASCAR Packages.

Start your engines and plan a trip to watch Nascar racing in person. Charlotte, NC is the heart of the NASCAR scene, and you can also visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame nearby. Great Atlantic Sports Travel has NASCAR travel packages available for the majority of races.

For sports fans who love to travel, what could be better than traveling to see the sports event of your dreams. Whether you love soccer or tennis, figure skating or football, Great Atlantic Sports Travel has the tour package to make your fantasy come true.