2021 Summer Games Medals

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The gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to the athletes at the Olympic not only represent the greatest honor for the athletes but also an opportunity for Japan to showcase its culture and charm to the rest of the world.

To produce these valuable medals, The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic conducted the “Tokyo 2021 Medal Project” to collect small electronic devices such as used mobile phones from all over Japan. This project makes Tokyo 2021 the first in the history of the Olympic to involve citizens and to manufacture the medals using recycled metals.

The approximately 5,000 medals in total have now been produced from the small electronic devices that were contributed from people all over Japan. We hope that our project to recycle small consumer electronics and our efforts to contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable society will become a legacy of the Tokyo 2021 Games.

To produce medals that embody the emotions of all those who participated in the Tokyo 2021 Medal Project, Tokyo 2021 launched a medal design competition to invite the public to submit design ideas for the medals. From the procurement of the metals to the development of the medal design, the entire country of Japan was involved in the production of the medals for the Tokyo 2021 Games - truly a project that was possible with the participation of everyone across Japan.

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