2020 MLB All Star Game FAQ

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Does my ticket allow me to re-enter MLB All-Star Game after I leave?
A:There is no re-entry with a standard general admission ticket. Once you are inside the event, you will not be able to leave and come back at a later time or day.

Q:Can bats be brought into the MLB All-Star Game?
A:Full-size bats will not be allowed into the event, but mini souvenir bats are allowed.

Q:Can I bring a backpack into the event?
A:Backpacks are NOT allowed into the event, but you are able to bring a different type of bag as long as it does not exceed 16"x16"x8".

Are there ATMs inside the MLB All-Star Game Park?
A:ATMs will be available throughout the show floor.

Can I bring personal items for autographing into the MLB All-Star Game?
A:Items such as baseball cards, baseballs, jerseys and photos are allowed, but autographs are limited to one per person at one time. Full-size bats will not be allowed into the event, but mini souvenir bats are allowed. Items to be signed by players are subject to change based on player restrictions.

Q:Can I get autographs at Q&A Sessions or Photo Ops?
A:Autographs will only be offered at designated autograph areas.

Food and Beverage
What type of food will be offered at the concession stands?
A:Traditional ballpark fare such as hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, popcorn, pretzels and more!

Q:Can I bring outside food into the event?
A:Outside food cannot be brought into the MLB All-Star Game. Concession stands and vending machines are available inside the event. See below for exceptions.

Q:If I have a food allergy or severe health condition, may I bring in my own food?
A:Yes. Please see a volunteer or uniformed staff near the entrance of the event to inform them about your allergy or health condition.

Q:Is baby food/formula allowed into the event?

Payment Types
Are credit cards accepted?
A:Credit cards will be accepted at the Box Office, MLBshop.com Store and at various concession stands and vendors. Look for the MasterCard logo, the preferred card of Major League Baseball, at these locations.

Q;Are cameras and video cameras allowed into the MLB All-Star Game?
A:Yes, fans are encouraged to bring cameras and video cameras to capture moments and share with family and friends via social media. However, selfie sticks are not permitted.