Rugby in Japan - Responsibility

Rugby in Japan - Responsibility

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Headed to the Womens World Cup? - Highlights from Each Host City

womens world cup
Womens World Cup 2019 is upon us, and more than half a million tickets have been sold so far. French supporters may make up the largest percentage of ticket holders for matches scheduled to begin in France in early June, but with U.S. spectators making up 23% of sales, Americans are taking up sports travel in unprecedented numbers. As one of America's five most popular sports behind mainstays such as football and basketball, sports vacations for prestige events like the World Cup are on the rise. So if you're one of the lucky few who are heading to the continent for the Womens World Cup, here are a few ideas of things to do while you're there.

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2019 Women's World Cup - Stadium Regulations

Women's World Cup - Stadium Documents


Match Hospitality has provided the following documents concerning your 2019 Women's World Cup tickets.  These documents apply to all stadiums in all cities.  Please review these at your convenience for important information concerning your match tickets.